Personal Brand

Typography: Frank Ruhl Libre – Illustration made by

People, design and technology are three key interests of my career. In this exercise, I’ve tried to find the way to communicate this visually. Although I’m still reluctant to see myself as a brand, this project is created to support this vision.


Brivant, bold, intense and passionate highly contrasted with calm and reflective hues. This is how I like experimenting the creative process.


Readable typography for the web that allows the reader to follow each idea without interruptions, paragraph by paragraph.


Gemotrical shapes, narrowed, layered and clean. Sometimes as simple wires, sometimes filled and polished. Different fidelities to fit into the design process.


This is the final symbol that represents all of above. It inspires me the diamond-design process from the top to the bottom. The wire frame comes first and it projects the rest of the design.

By Carmel Hassan Montero

Product Designer and Computer Engineering graduated from the University of Granada. I'm based in Málaga (Spain), working remotely designing at Honest. I'm also a proud founder of Yes We Tech, and support tech events that care about promoting diversity and equality among its members.