Designing for care


For five years, I’ve been working designing software in the healthcare industry, one of the most challenging and regulated sectors.

Getting close to the user was difficult due to the bureaucracy and project budgets. Clinical procedures, heterogeneous needs and legislation made it difficult to innovate and create standards. But yet, I think it has been one of the most complete and interesting experiences I’ve had as a UX designer.

Sometimes I was the only designer and some other times I’ve had a team of designers who helped me to think and build the final solution. The following screenshots are mockups made for different projects.

The most important lesson I learned during that time was that building interfaces with consistent, predictable and flexible patterns were the best way to include users with very different backgrounds, roles and mental models. And of course, that patient-related data is something that must be treated with a lot of care.

Wireframes and Mockups

Widget-based interface for clinical dashboards. In this prototype, I participated as an interaction designer defining the architecture and navigation of the UI.