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UX Design Process

  1. User Research: Understanding users.
    1. User Interviews: planning and talking with people.
    2. Quantitative analytics: getting insights from activity data.
    3. Activity session observation: unintrusive observation of user performance.
    4. Competitors analysis: keeping control of our value proposition.
  2. Design: Approaching the design debt and the development of new products.
    1. Concept Design: designing an interaction grammar.
    2. Visual Design: creating design systems, guidelines, and specifications.
    3. Information Design: modelling and visualizing the data.
    4. Interaction Design: defining a flexible layout and intuitive navigation.
  3. Development: Getting things done.
    1. Agile UX: lean UCD techniques.
    2. Planning and prioritization: MVPs for a user-friendly delivery strategy.
  4. Testing and Metrics: How we evaluate the usability
    1. User Performance and Satisfaction: measuring the real experience of users.
    2. Experiments: running experiments with the design.
    3. User testing: facing the reality of design ideas.


TV Show: Tesis at Canal Sur

Conference: Who is J at J On The Beach

 Other initiatives

  • Cinefílica / 2015 – Movie database platform & magazine. Product Designer & Developer.
  • Yes We Tech / 2015– Community founder. Organiser. Volunteer. – Video: Mujeres y Tecnología
  • J On The Beach / 2016-17 – Event co-organiser
  • UX Salad / 2013 – Healthy Design Studio created with the aim of having a public brand to experiment, learn and work on a variety of projects.
  • Pompitas de Málaga / 2010 – e-Commerce Designer & Developer of my own failed business.
  • My first Twitter account before Twitter: Aficionados (beta)
Carmel Hassan Tecnología, Diseño y Sociedad

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