Design Process

This design process is a framework that I use to approach and solve problems. Based on experience, I’ve included the most effective practices that allow me to break down the problem and frame its scope, as well as resources that help me to provide the right solution iteration by iteration.


Sharing knowledge and experiences by public speaking has been a great way of exercising and facing communication challenges. I’ve always tried to speak about topics that I’m passionate about and supporting inclusive conferences that welcome diversity.


Writing is one of the best manners for me to think and structure thoughts and ideas. I’ve been blogging since 2004 sharing my perspective about a diverse range of topics. I’ve also written articles on other magazines and websites to reach a wider audience.

Personal Brand

People, design and technology are three key interests of my career. In this exercise, I’ve tried to find the way to communicate this visually. Although I’m still reluctant to see myself as a brand, this project is created to support this vision.

Movie website – side project

2015-2019. I’ve always loved watching movies, my best memories include people that I love and sharing movies experiences with them. In 2015, I wanted to use my skills as a designer and old skills as a developer to create one simple idea: get all the movies that I love in the digital world forever.

Designing for care

For five years, I’ve been working designing software for the healthcare industry, one of the most challenging and regulated sectors. Here is part of the worked I’ve done. Sometimes I was the only designer and some other times I’ve had a team of designers who helped me to think and build the final solution.

e-Commerce – side project

My ex-partner and I founded a physical store to sell natural cosmetics products. We wanted to have an additional selling point so I built this site to sell all these products online and create another channel to be in contact with our customers. The business failed but the learnings still last.