Design progressively

Sometimes it gets very difficult to make the right design decision, just because it’s a matter of time, because you can test that it is not working properly, and you think it’s better to change it. If you, as me, are in that point, you will face a hard-to-face situation: re-design is needed. Re-design doesn’t… Continue reading Design progressively

HTML5 & CSS3 for designers

“Start now”, with this statement Dan Cederholm, the author of “CSS3 for Web Desginers” book, encourages us to work with the evolution of web markup style. And his not alone, with the same spirit, Jeremy Keith show us the history and the ‘whys’ of the new version of HTML. But, is it now the right… Continue reading HTML5 & CSS3 for designers

Pompitas de Málaga with Drupal

List of modules Below you can see the list of the main modules used in combination with the Ubercart distribution provided by Drupal. Ad Administration menu Content (CCK) Content Permissions (CCK) Node reference (CCK) Chaos Tools (CTools)  Blog Contact Menu Path Ping Profiles Statistics Taxonomy Upload Date API Devel Facebook social Imagecache Nodewords (Metatags) Open… Continue reading Pompitas de Málaga with Drupal

The visual interface is now your brand

Let’s go for inspiration… ckcimagery: Nick Myers: The Visual Interface is Now Your Brand. “… about the considerations of visual interface design. First of all, Software isn’t fashion. The goal of visual design is really to support the user experience, primarily, and we also have to think about creating experiences that are timeless.” (Source:

[Book] Emotional Design: Why we love (or hate) everyday things

The Norman’s book Emotional Design: why we love (or hate) everyday things is certainly praised by designers and non-designers. Truly, it has made me a better person (I would never say that I’m now a better designer since I’ve just read a book). But yes, that’s the positive feeling you can get after reading it.… Continue reading [Book] Emotional Design: Why we love (or hate) everyday things

What do we mean when we talk about men and women?

What do we mean when we talk about men and women? Generalization is easy and risky, even though we are in the middle of a fast pace discussion about anything else and totally unrelated we should be careful for two main reasons: respect (it sounds me so Ali-G) and an effective communication. So think twice… Continue reading What do we mean when we talk about men and women?

Social Design

Has the design a social mission? Personally, I believe that art has nowadays a strong commitment with our society; more than ever an artist cannot afford be a purely contemplative being. Should the design follow the same trend? Blanksy, an artist that I love by his compromise with the need of denunciation and critic, has… Continue reading Social Design

Conferencia Hispana de Ruby on Rails 2006

25 de Noviembre, estación norte, Madrid, 19:33 pm, hemos perdido el autobús de Granada para las 19:00 y eso que nos fuimos corriendo de la primera conferencia Rails en España. Ya sólo nos queda aguantar el tipo hasta las 23h (¿nos estaremos perdiendo lo mejor?). Entramos en la cafetería, sacamos libros y libretas, comentamos algunos proyectos empresariales… Continue reading Conferencia Hispana de Ruby on Rails 2006