Carmel Hassan

UX & Product Designer

I’m Carmel, and I design digital products.

I believe we must design technology with a purpose where people feel represented.

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Should the Software Industry learn from other fields?


I’ll share with you an interesting reflection found in the book “Prototyping” by Todd Zaki Warfel regarding why we don’t expect prototyping as stage in the process in software development, regardeless the myth of the “return of investment”: I think the first reason is that in software development, the emphasis is often placed on the development process and not the design process. The industry...

Design progressively


Sometimes it gets very difficult to make the right design decision, just because it’s a matter of time, because you can test that it is not working properly, and you think it’s better to change it. If you, as me, are in that point, you will face a hard-to-face situation: re-design is needed. Re-design doesn’t imply necessarily to change it all over again, sometimes it may happen that just minor...

HTML5 & CSS3 for designers


“Start now”, with this statement Dan Cederholm, the author of “CSS3 for Web Desginers” book, encourages us to work with the evolution of web markup style. And his not alone, with the same spirit, Jeremy Keith show us the history and the ‘whys’ of the new version of HTML. But, is it now the right time? Even if we don’t believe in the consensus, and the first standard recommendation is planned to...

Little big details


iOS – When using internet on EDGE network, loading icon in status bar rotates slower than it does on 3G.
/via Slava

Personas’ Remote Research


To build a persona can be tricky; you can just look how actors need months to put in the shoes of a their new characters. In UI design, personas’ creation is part of the analysis stage: they will be used to define requirements, to prepare user tests, to support decisions and to establish a meeting points between designers, developers, and stakeholders. What is a persona? Personas are fictitious...

Pompitas de Málaga with Drupal


List of modules Below you can see the list of the main modules used in combination with the Ubercart distribution provided by Drupal. Ad Administration menu Content (CCK) Content Permissions (CCK) Node reference (CCK) Chaos Tools (CTools)  Blog Contact Menu Path Ping Profiles Statistics Taxonomy Upload Date API Devel Facebook social Imagecache Nodewords (Metatags) Open graph meta tags Auto Assign...

Carmel Hassan UX & Product Designer

Hi there!

I'm UX/Product Designer at Ebury. I have a chaotic side project called Cinefilica and founded the most interesting tech community in Málaga: Yes We Tech. I enjoy writing random thoughts on UX, Design, Technology and Society. Something I should know? Comment on my blog, Twitter or email me to



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