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I’m Carmel, and I design digital products.

I believe we must design technology with a purpose where people feel represented.

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Is Microsoft Common User Interface ended?


Is Microsoft Common User Interface ended? MSCUI provides User Interface Design Guidance and Toolkit controls that address a wide range of patient safety issues faced by healthcare organizations worldwide. However, in the last months we haven’t received any new a part from their Clinical Documentation Solution. Does it mean it’s over? Despite the ambition of providing a definitive CUI, Microsoft...

[Links] 2011 – A year of UX and more


What we read from blogs we’re subscribed to it’s part of our every-day inspiration. After a year, I’ve had opportunity to read and discover different posts with a special influence in me, anyhow. The year is ending now and this is the summary of the readings I recommend before 2012. December Getting started with Sass Mobile, social, fun: Games for Health November 100 preguntas para entusiastas...

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Puesto que el ser humano – a pesar de sus miserias – tiene una esencial vocación de grandeza, conviene que nos dirijamos a esa grandeza para luchar con nuestras miserias. Since the human being – regardless of their misery – is an essential vocation of greatness, it is appropriate that we turn to that greatness to fight with our miseries. J. A. Marina “Los secretos de la...

[Book] Mobile First


Brief, direct and simple. The idea: address your business strategy thinking first in your mobile experience. Why? to force simplicity, to reduce complexity, to get our users focus on content, to understand your product as pills of functionality handable by any user. Which user? that one who is in “one eyeball and one thumb” mode. Appealing, isn’t it? Well, it is challenging. A...

Designing and developing HTML5+CSS3 webistes and mobile apps


In my previous post “CSS3 Tools» we saw I few well-known websites which provides frameworks and tools to start with CSS3. Here, I’d like to complete and extend that list with more useful frameworks, libraries and other assets to play with the new version of the html markup. Applications Visual Web Developer 2010 Express Dreamweaver CS5.5 (Dreamweaver Mobile Center) Adobe Edge Maqetta Aptana...



And one of the biggest misconceptions, or one of the questions I hear constantly, is “How do I write good stories?” One of the points to make about stories is they’re called stories because they were meant to be heard. They were meant to be discussed and talked about, and how they’re written isn’t as big an issue as what people talk about and what pictures they form in their heads. Read/Listen...

CSS3 Tools


Digging into web and gathering recommendations, I’ve created this post with a set of tools for CSS themer who wants to develop with the latest version of cascade style sheets CSS3. Hope you find them useful, too. Modernizr Open-source JavaScript library that helps you build the next generation of HTML5 and CSS3-powered websites. Selectivzr JavaScript utility that emulates CSS3 pseudo-classes and...

MSCUI Clinical Documentation Solution


MSCUI Clinical Documentation Solution A great tool as clinical documentation solution where we can see how the UI follows the real artifact with accelerators to help filling the form out. What I liked from the video sample: The form looks like a document (since it is a document indeed) It is supported by a summary of the form on the right to aid users to understand the final status of the...

[Book] Sketching User Experiences


This is a book about process and design. Divided into two parts, Bill Buxton engage you (designers, product managers, business executives, etc.) in a analysis about methods, processes and business careers from a historical point of view. It brings other fields of the industry into the emerging User Experience with Sketching as the starting point of new ideas and as a way to lead the new product...

Carmel Hassan UX & Product Designer

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I'm UX/Product Designer at Ebury. I have a chaotic side project called Cinefilica and founded the most interesting tech community in Málaga: Yes We Tech. I enjoy writing random thoughts on UX, Design, Technology and Society. Something I should know? Comment on my blog, Twitter or email me to



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