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Why am I doing this?

Human-centred technology culture

I’ve learned to love technology. This was not natural in me. When I was born it was 1983 and the first personal computer was just about to break into people’s homes. The more you invest in tech the more you get. The good thing: anyone can do it. The bad news: you better need to have a profound human care to make it serve to the society instead of the private self-interest. Find the balance you need to make your incomes cover your basic needs. But remember, as a technology creator, it is not just about doing technology thinking on the people who are meant to use it. It is about creating a culture where technology becomes humanistic. It’s about proud, justice, and welfare. Find the balance you need to return to others what you’ve learnt.

Learn, grow and have fun

What’s the whole point of working, living, and loving if you don’t have fun if it doesn’t make you stronger, older, wiser… Whatever you do, enjoy it. If it’s tough don’t get desperate too early. Get focused. Be patient. Get concentrated and figure it out. Ask for help if you can’t do it and learn the lesson. Say thanks to the people who taught you something or help you when you needed it. Give it back by helping others. Feel the joy of doing, giving, creating, learning. That will make you grow, that will make you smile.

Pass on your passion

Passion is not a minor thing. If you’re passionate is because you have found the beauty during the process. Sometimes the others struggle to feel it. Do not patronise them, but do not ignore them. People around you are important. Your duty is to pass on the passion you have. Let them know how you think, how you see the world, why you move toward a specific direction and not the other. Share your illusion, that will make you know magical people.

Share what you learnt

Knowledge is not a treasure or a gift, but the result of the brave experience of learning from failure, learning from success, and learning from others. Knowledge is meant to be shared or it will die with you or your bad practice. You may have the knowledge but if you don’t share it and you don’t know how to use it, it will be useless. If you eventually know how to use it, but still don’t share it, it won’t grow and it won’t allow others to grow. However if you share knowledge, despite you know how to best use it, it will be used to build on top of that, it will help you realise what’s wrong and what’s right, and the most important thing, it will inspire others.

Be authentic

You don’t need to know why you still love to go running, you still need feel loved, you get mad when listening to the news. Just don’t hide it, don’t pretend you’re something you’re not. Don’t expect to be liked, don’t expect to be valued. Remember how it was to be a beginner. Remember how you built this. Trust on yourself. Stay confident, support others, be as authentic as you are, and be better. Ask for help, say what you need to be better. Trust on others. Don’t hide your emotions, but feel free to feel the unexpected.


Last but not least: don’t take care, but care. Care about people, about the things that happen to them. Be ready to give any time in any situation to anyone who needs you. Use your energy, your time, your smiles to help others. Don’t expect to be followed by the majority. Get along with those who share what you believe. Care about people’s belief. Don’t judge too much, allow you to be surprised by diverse people. Think about them. And care. Ignore who doesn’t care. Don’t waste time with who doesn’t want to listen.

Carmel Hassan UX & Product Designer



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