Carmel Hassan UX & Product Designer

UX & Product Designer

Experience: 12 yearsRetirement

My name is Carmel Hassan Montero, and I’ve been working in the software industry as a UX Designer for more than 12 years. I studied Computer Engineering at the University of Granada, and started my career as a Web Developer in 2006. My interest for technology and human-computer interaction drives my professional path since then.

During my work experience, I’ve acted as a designer, a leader, a manager, and a consultant. Whichever my role could be I enjoy always getting my hands dirty with real design stuff to train my brain, exercise my hands, and empathize with people.

I’m based in Málaga (Spain), where I’m actively involved in tech communities like Yes We Tech, and support the organization of events that promote diversity and equality.

I enjoy my biking/walking commuting to the office as well as the flexibility of working remotely whenever I need to. If there’s no office I just enjoy biking on weekends, running on weekdays and hanging out with friends and family anytime.


Interaction DesignPassionate
PrototypingEnjoy it
User ResearchData is my secret weapon
Usability TestingHelpful
Visual DesignWannabe
ProgrammingOnly when no real devs are around
  • Tools: Invision, Sketch, Adobe XD, Axure RP,, Balsamiq Mockups, UXPin, CanvasFlip, Mixpanel, Google Analytics, Data Studio, Fullstory, Inspectlet, MyOwnToolForTesting
  • Soft skills: Teaching, Communication, Problemsolving, Creative, Analytical, Leadership, Management.
  • Personal skills: small talking about weather, movies, music, running, politics
  • Languages: Spanish (native), English (advanced), French (ridicule), Arabic (hi, good morning, 1,2,3…)


Product Designer / UX Lead
Ebury – 2 years and a half (nowadays) – Closer to the user by designing a web product and the service behind it. I’m practising every day how to do better qualitative research, I’m using tools like Google Analytics, Intercom, Amplitude, Inspeclet, Segment, and Data Studio in a smarter way. And of course, keep on working with Sketch, Invision, and Adobe XD to never stop training my visual skills.

Master Front-end Lemoncode – Editions I-VI – I shared my knowledge and experience to the students of this big course of front-end development, introducing them into the User Experience Design & Development.

Senior UX Specialist / UX Lead

ITRS – 2 years – I fell in love with Data, created the user interface of a real-time analytics platform. I discovered the power of quantitative user research analysing interactions and informing design based on data. This was also an opportunity to practice with Sketch and Axure as design tools to create a new interface paradigm which allowed users to build visualisations using an sql-like language.

UX Lead Designer

CSC – 2 years 9 months – The challenge was to create a common culture of User-Centred Design, so I started thinking about design in a more strategic manner. I could create a reference for standards, guidelines, and UI Components for desktop and mobile apps. I worked closer to the technology team to build modular solutions for healthcare applications.

UI/UX Designer

iSOFT (a CSC Company) – 2 years 3 months – I had to handle product requirements definition, doing interface design and interaction design using Blend Sketchflow. Nice XAML times <3. Thanks to the success of my previous project, the team grew, and I could be more specialised in research techniques, focusing on user modelling, information design, and usability testing. Something new to me, a lot of learnings.

Web Designer

Freelance – 8 months – I could learn more about colour palettes, layout and visual composition while I was still developing web interfaces using Drupal. I started practising prototyping using Adobe Fireworks, which I’ve been missing it until Sketch arrived. I spent almost 20% of the time looking for new projects and speaking with customers, which taught me to appreciate the value of good management skills.

Web developer

Grupo Trevenque Kaplan – 1 year 8 months – This was my very first serious job as an engineer, I won’t forget the vast amount of things I learnt from my colleagues. I was developing cool Drupal modules in PHP while I fell in love with CSS and HTML. Working surrounded by designers made me appreciate the value and power of well designed and developed web interface.


University of Granada – 9 months – During my first job opportunity as an intern while I was finishing my studies I worked as a Drupal developer and PHP programmer.



College: University of Granada

  • UGR · Master Degree: Computer Engineering / 2010 / PFC · LCMS Platform based on Drupal
  • UGR · Degree: Systems Computer Technical Engineering / 2005


  • Information Visualization (IDF) / 2019
  • Introduction to Data Analytics (Codeacademy) / 2018
  • R Programming (Coursera) / 2016

Other training


  • Organiser: Yes We Tech (since 2015). Feminist Tech community.
  • Collaborator: J On The Beach (2016,2017,2018). Tech Conference.
  • Volunteer: PyConES (2018). Tech Conference.
  • Web Developer: NOS (2008-2009). LGTB Non-profit organisation.


Carmel Hassan UX & Product Designer

Hi there!

I'm UX/Product Designer at Ebury. I have a chaotic side project called Cinefilica and founded the most interesting tech community in Málaga: Yes We Tech. I enjoy writing random thoughts on UX, Design, Technology and Society. Something I should know? Comment on my blog, Twitter or email me to



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