Defining a user research system

Knowing how your product is perceived and used is key for user experience designers. Even if you are not a UX researcher, you can do research to gain that knowledge. As soon as you start planning some of these research studies you’ll notice how difficult it could be to decide who do you want to talk to, what’s the purpose of the study or how to interpret discoveries.

However, there’s another challenge that comes with all of this that I consider equally important: how to manage all these findings coming from different sources to make them understandable and actionable for your team, as well as creating a system that encourages a culture of research.

The information gathered as a result of research sessions can come in many shapes and forms. I want to share with you how we have defined a very basic user research system to manage the results of conducted studies so you can create and work from the big picture to the specifics of an issue.

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