[book] “The Mobile Frontier”

I’ve recently finished the Rachel Hinman’s bookThe Mobile Frontier”, which I was willing to read since the last UIE virtual seminar I watched. As expected, it has been a great reading and a better inspiration.

The book covers pretty much of the aspects of creating new user experiences by designing for mobile devices. It sets some basic concepts for beginners as well as stretches the boundaries of mobility till their real purpose. For me, this book has been both a good reminder of some well-known ideas, and encouraging exercise to design for new ways of perceiving the world.

The book is divided in four sections

  1. What makes mobile different?
  2. Emergent mobile patterns
  3. Crafting mobile experiences
  4. The future of mobile UX

While I was reading this book I couldn’t avoid thinking what mobility really means for the Healthcare industry.

We can see a lot of competitors delivering apps widespread the different market places, some of them just to be there, some others driven by a customer demand, and many others to start up a new business. The meeting point is that all of them are seeking to revolutionize their own current concept of medical services and that is, more or less, what Hinman’s exposes: this is a golden age and “a rich design space is ripe with opportunities to invent new and more human ways for people to interact with information”

In this context, mobility should be the actionable trigger to push a complete cultural refresh where administrative processes are made not only to control or manage resources, but to improve the healthcare as a patient service as well as a care service.

From now on, the paperless clinic based on the digital document translation could shift to the knowledge clinic based on smart technology. Smartphones and tablets frontier are part of promising landscape for design.


[Book] Mobile First

Brief, direct and simple. The idea: address your business strategy thinking first in your mobile experience. Why? to force simplicity, to reduce complexity, to get our users focus on content, to understand your product as pills of functionality handable by any user. Which user? that one who is in “one eyeball and one thumb” mode. Appealing, isn’t it? Well, it is challenging.

A book full of tips which helps you to understand capabilities and embrace constraints to take advantage until the minimum detail of the mobile experience.

Web App or Native App? Both. Do you want to know more? Would you like to agree or disagree with this argument? Read Mobile First, it won’t take you more than one day to start creating amazing web applications.

Enjoy it!