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Cómo hablarle a los usuarios / Cómo no informar de los errores 

De qué hablamos cuando hablamos de informar a los usuarios, cuál es el mejor modo de hacerlo para saltar de la mera muestra de información a una comunicación más natural, más humana. Siguiendo los ejemplos de la foto, estas son mis reflexiones. Título No estás conectado vs VimeoError Mientras el primero de ellos sintetiza un estado general del usuario de forma clara, el segundo se decanta por...

Using Google Keep for need finding

Many (mean) words have been said since the launch of Google Keep, but rather to analyse the next Google failure I’d like to consider this as an opportunity and share with you how do I professionally use Google Keep. As you already know, need finding is an approach used by designers of different fields to research and understand better people’s needs. There are two basic kinds of need findings:...

Facebook-like EMR (Part II)

In my previous post, I published a simple mock-up to introduce the idea of an Electronic Medical Record looking like Facebook social network. We initially saw how taking advantage of this website could help to contribute for a better tool for doctors, nurses, and patients. In this second part of the exercise, we can see as well the hi-fi prototype where the visual design will allow us to make new...

Facebook-like EMR (Part I)

Facebook-like EMR (Part II) In 2008, Bob Watcher wrote an article called “Why the medical record needs to become more like Facebook” where lay down the idea of having the social network as the mirror for a new Electronic Medical Record (EMR) User Experience (UX). A collaboration and social framework to provide better care to patients while keeping useful information between physicians and nurses...


“Use the bold, obsolete, and monstrous icon, I won’t blame you if you want to get the old icon back :)” – Notepad++ installation wizard
Nice example about how a designer could overcome the age effect although s/he’s still proud of the past.

The visual interface is now your brand

Let’s go for inspiration…
Nick Myers: The Visual Interface is Now Your Brand.
“… about the considerations of visual interface design. First of all, Software isn’t fashion. The goal of visual design is really to support the user experience, primarily, and we also have to think about creating experiences that are timeless.”
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