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Hospital Costs

Hospital Costs

The federal government recently released data about what hospitals charge for procedures, and how much Medicare reimburses them. We have visualized some of this data, along with publicly available data about mortality rates under these same procedures. How does your hospital stack up against national averages?

[es] Productividad vs Riesgo Clínico

La dificultad de crear soluciones usables en sanidad La productividad que un usuario puede conseguir con una herramienta depende, entre muchas otras cosas, de la usabilidad de la interfaz con la que trabaje. En el contexto de las aplicaciones sanitarias, las soluciones de diseño de interfaz que se aportan pueden llegar a suponer en determinadas ocasiones una serie de peligros que deriven en...

Facebook-like EMR (Part II)

In my previous post, I published a simple mock-up to introduce the idea of an Electronic Medical Record looking like Facebook social network. We initially saw how taking advantage of this website could help to contribute for a better tool for doctors, nurses, and patients. In this second part of the exercise, we can see as well the hi-fi prototype where the visual design will allow us to make new...

Facebook-like EMR (Part I)

Facebook-like EMR (Part II) In 2008, Bob Watcher wrote an article called “Why the medical record needs to become more like Facebook” where lay down the idea of having the social network as the mirror for a new Electronic Medical Record (EMR) User Experience (UX). A collaboration and social framework to provide better care to patients while keeping useful information between physicians and nurses...

Clinical Risks and Design Decisions – How usability can save lifes

Information technology has made possible to improve healthcare services by increasing productivity, getting more accessible services, and automating daily care activities – among others. However, the software itself allows getting a better patient care at the same time that it opens a door to clinical risks. It is a responsability for designers to avoid hazards as well as design rich...

Unify healthcare technologies

At the heart of our strategy to unify healthcare technologies is our Bluebird technology. Bluebird is a cross functional and multi product environment supporting a modern user experience across functional areas and technology. Both modern design and excellent usability are important parts of the Bluebird approach. Bluebird has its origins in the desire to offer a modern UI design and a good...

A widget-based interface – What makes the difference?

There’s nothing new in a widget-based interface. The need of having a lot of information at a glance, in one single screen following a Dashboard pattern has been a frequent demand and a solution that we can see form many providers. So, what makes the difference? The metaphor of a widget is translated in different systems sometimes as a small display area showing updated-information and other...

No UI standard in healthcare, who cares?

Somehow I still wonder why there’s no a Common User Interface (CUI) behind HL7 standard, and why Microsoft stopped working on the standard. I’d also love to know if the NHS has got some progress on it and if there would be any possibility in this zero-investment philosophy comming from Spanish healthcare public sector for a Common User Interface to integrate the 17 different solutions that...

Designers as a service

UX Designers for Healthcare should be placed in Hospitals, near users. They would only need time to observe, to ask, to help, and a table to sit and sketch. … unfortunately, the most of the time, UX designers are in departments, with managers and technologists; not thinking in the problem, nor providing solutions, but offering workarounds, feasability analysis, and making real the statement:...

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