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¿Qué hay detrás de tu estrategia de experiencia de usuario?

Hoy me gustaría compartir qué tipo de información trato de comunicar cuando escribo la Estrategia de Experiencia de Usuario (UX Strategy) de un nuevo producto o proyecto que queremos empezar a desarrollar. Generalmente esta UX Strategy se enmarca dentro de la estrategia general del proyecto por lo que cosas como la justificación del caso de negocio o tecnológica la recogen otros expertos en...

Personas: manteniendo el diseño centrado en el usuario

Últimamente estoy trabajando en al definición e investigación de Personas para el proyecto en el que trabajo, de ahí mis dos últimos posts (libros y UXser Stories), y debo confesar que no me está resultando un trabajo nada fácil. Por una parte me encuentro con muchos escépticos (sobre UX en general, y Personas en concreto), que vienen a ser principalmente los responsables de conocer las...

User-Centered Design Book

User-Centered Design Book How do you design engaging applications that people love to use? This book demonstrates several ways to include valuable input from potential clients and customers throughout the process. With practical guidelines and insights from his own experience… Recommended to developers who really want to create user meaningful applications. The best point in it: the author is a...

[book] “The Mobile Frontier”

I’ve recently finished the Rachel Hinman’s book “The Mobile Frontier”, which I was willing to read since the last UIE virtual seminar I watched. As expected, it has been a great reading and a better inspiration. The book covers pretty much of the aspects of creating new user experiences by designing for mobile devices. It sets some basic concepts for beginners as well as stretches the boundaries...

[Book] Communicating the User Experience

If I think I’m good at something in this field is communicating the UX. Whilst I admit I’m terrible creating icons, creating visual metaphors or talking with customers, I really think that as part of my leading role I got to become a good “UX messenger”. I borrowed this book looking for a complete guide of document support and this is what I found. Contents The books is...

[Book] Buyology:Truth and Lies About Why We Buy

[Book] Buyology:Truth and Lies About Why We Buy

Tomorrow taxes will increase, don’t lose your head today

Carmel Hassan MonteroI’m UX/Product Designer at Ebury. I have a chaotic side project called Cinefilica and founded the most interesting tech community in Málaga: Yes We Tech. I enjoy writing random thoughts on UX, Design, Technology and Society.

[Book] User Experience Management – Skills for leading effective UX Teams

[Book] User Experience Management – Skills for leading effective UX Teams Good reference book for checking from time to time as a guide for the most common management activities.  I want to remark the consideration about the difference between Leadership and Management that is described in different chapters. The attributes for leadership are expressed as follows: Leadership Leaders infect...

Do you have a project? Wishes > Tasks > Projects

Puesto que el ser humano – a pesar de sus miserias – tiene una esencial vocación de grandeza, conviene que nos dirijamos a esa grandeza para luchar con nuestras miserias. Since the human being – regardless of their misery – is an essential vocation of greatness, it is appropriate that we turn to that greatness to fight with our miseries. J. A. Marina “Los secretos de la...

[Book] Mobile First

Brief, direct and simple. The idea: address your business strategy thinking first in your mobile experience. Why? to force simplicity, to reduce complexity, to get our users focus on content, to understand your product as pills of functionality handable by any user. Which user? that one who is in “one eyeball and one thumb” mode. Appealing, isn’t it? Well, it is challenging. A...

HTML5 & CSS3 for designers

“Start now”, with this statement Dan Cederholm, the author of “CSS3 for Web Desginers” book, encourages us to work with the evolution of web markup style. And his not alone, with the same spirit, Jeremy Keith show us the history and the ‘whys’ of the new version of HTML. But, is it now the right time? Even if we don’t believe in the consensus, and the first standard recommendation is planned to...

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