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The Role of Iterative Usability Evaluation in Agile Development: A Case Study :: UXmatters

The Role of Iterative Usability Evaluation in Agile Development: A Case Study :: UXmatters The agile approach to software development has significant impacts on the practice of user-centered design (UCD), including usability evaluation. To better understand the role of iterative usability evaluation during agile development, we recently conducted a study whose focus was the usability evaluation...

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As a designer, I want to read meaningful user stories that talks about real people with real expectations and goals to achieve when using your software. ¿Por qué tus user stories no me dicen nada? Debo confensar que no soy una gran apasionada de Scrum. Generalmente mi desagrado no viene por los principios del desarrollo ágil y su manifesto, sino por quienes lo practican y evangelizan sin querer o...

UX in Scrum

I’m not an expert in Scrum methodology, but after working and collaborating for 3 years as part of a Scrum team, here are some ways we’ve a got to introduce User Experience practices into agile development: Getting User Stories talk about real people and needs (Personas) Getting Epics talk about user scenarios Product backlog grooming on Design Studio’s sessions One sprint ahead for...

Agile UX

The real thing with Agile is that never ends. From the moment of your first very rough conceptual prototype to the moment that you ship code you can sell you’re testing all the way through. You’re checking with your customer all the way through. That’s the end state that we’re working towards with our clients is the point where you don’t even have to wait for working code to do the iterations...


And one of the biggest misconceptions, or one of the questions I hear constantly, is “How do I write good stories?” One of the points to make about stories is they’re called stories because they were meant to be heard. They were meant to be discussed and talked about, and how they’re written isn’t as big an issue as what people talk about and what pictures they form in their heads. Read/Listen...

Carmel Hassan UX & Product Designer

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I'm UX/Product Designer at Ebury. I have a chaotic side project called Cinefilica and founded the most interesting tech community in Málaga: Yes We Tech. I enjoy writing random thoughts on UX, Design, Technology and Society. Something I should know? Comment on my blog, Twitter or email me to



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