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No UI standard in healthcare, who cares?

Somehow I still wonder why there’s no a Common User Interface (CUI) behind HL7 standard, and why Microsoft stopped working on the standard. I’d also love to know if the NHS has got some progress on it and if there would be any possibility in this zero-investment philosophy comming from Spanish healthcare public sector for a Common User Interface to integrate the 17 different solutions that...

Designers as a service

UX Designers for Healthcare should be placed in Hospitals, near users. They would only need time to observe, to ask, to help, and a table to sit and sketch. … unfortunately, the most of the time, UX designers are in departments, with managers and technologists; not thinking in the problem, nor providing solutions, but offering workarounds, feasability analysis, and making real the statement:...

Let’s be there…

…UX designers can do more. Learn about the problematic healthcare cultural characteristics that dominate and that need to change… Don’t limit yourself to incremental innovation and work that is narrowly focused on UIs. Richard Anderson It is, with no doubt, a designer commitment, to go beyond the line that limits the user interface, the software and contribute to transform the healthcare industry...

Buenos diseños…

El buen diseño no sólo acabará con los manuales de usuario y las instrucciones de uso, sino que construirá nuevos modelos de comunicación basados en el aprendizaje por interacción y la expresión creativa.

MSCUI Clinical Documentation Solution

MSCUI Clinical Documentation Solution A great tool as clinical documentation solution where we can see how the UI follows the real artifact with accelerators to help filling the form out. What I liked from the video sample: The form looks like a document (since it is a document indeed) It is supported by a summary of the form on the right to aid users to understand the final status of the...

Carmel Hassan UX & Product Designer

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