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Windows 8 UX – “Primeras impresiones”

Una de las mejores cosas que se enfatizan en las guías de estilo de Microsoft para diseñar aplicaciones Windows 8 es la importancia que se debe considerar con la “primera impresión” de nuestra solución. Sugieren varias formas de conseguirlo teniendo en cuenta el concepto y arquitectura de las aplicaciones dentro de su nueva metáfora visual (conocida también como Modern UI). Tiles y Notificaciones...

Using Google Keep for need finding

Many (mean) words have been said since the launch of Google Keep, but rather to analyse the next Google failure I’d like to consider this as an opportunity and share with you how do I professionally use Google Keep. As you already know, need finding is an approach used by designers of different fields to research and understand better people’s needs. There are two basic kinds of need findings:...

Sketches or Wireframes 

Balsamiq 2.2 has been released with a stylish look & feel, some bug fixing and a new feature to choice how your mock-up will look-like either as an sketch or as a wireframe. But, is it the skin the only thing that matters? There are some differences between these three terms commonly wrongly used between designers, although it’s also true that there are some overlap which may be the reason of...


“Use the bold, obsolete, and monstrous icon, I won’t blame you if you want to get the old icon back :)” – Notepad++ installation wizard
Nice example about how a designer could overcome the age effect although s/he’s still proud of the past.

Getting Simple with a CMS

GetSimple really is the simplest content management system (CMS) ever. After seeing so many people amazed by Kirby – a licensed file-based CMS – I started looking for something at least comparable but open-source, and here is GetSimple. I’ve been atracted by its two first principles and its admin front-end: XML Based We don’t use mySQL to store our information, but instead depend the...

Is Microsoft Common User Interface ended?

Is Microsoft Common User Interface ended? MSCUI provides User Interface Design Guidance and Toolkit controls that address a wide range of patient safety issues faced by healthcare organizations worldwide. However, in the last months we haven’t received any new a part from their Clinical Documentation Solution. Does it mean it’s over? Despite the ambition of providing a definitive CUI, Microsoft...

Designing and developing HTML5+CSS3 webistes and mobile apps

In my previous post “CSS3 Tools» we saw I few well-known websites which provides frameworks and tools to start with CSS3. Here, I’d like to complete and extend that list with more useful frameworks, libraries and other assets to play with the new version of the html markup. Applications Visual Web Developer 2010 Express Dreamweaver CS5.5 (Dreamweaver Mobile Center) Adobe Edge Maqetta Aptana...

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