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Clinical Risks and Design Decisions – How usability can save lifes

Information technology has made possible to improve healthcare services by increasing productivity, getting more accessible services, and automating daily care activities – among others. However, the software itself allows getting a better patient care at the same time that it opens a door to clinical risks. It is a responsability for designers to avoid hazards as well as design rich...

Unify healthcare technologies

At the heart of our strategy to unify healthcare technologies is our Bluebird technology. Bluebird is a cross functional and multi product environment supporting a modern user experience across functional areas and technology. Both modern design and excellent usability are important parts of the Bluebird approach. Bluebird has its origins in the desire to offer a modern UI design and a good...

A widget-based interface – What makes the difference?

There’s nothing new in a widget-based interface. The need of having a lot of information at a glance, in one single screen following a Dashboard pattern has been a frequent demand and a solution that we can see form many providers. So, what makes the difference? The metaphor of a widget is translated in different systems sometimes as a small display area showing updated-information and other...

[Links] 2011 – A year of UX and more

What we read from blogs we’re subscribed to it’s part of our every-day inspiration. After a year, I’ve had opportunity to read and discover different posts with a special influence in me, anyhow. The year is ending now and this is the summary of the readings I recommend before 2012. December Getting started with Sass Mobile, social, fun: Games for Health November 100 preguntas para entusiastas...

Design progressively

Sometimes it gets very difficult to make the right design decision, just because it’s a matter of time, because you can test that it is not working properly, and you think it’s better to change it. If you, as me, are in that point, you will face a hard-to-face situation: re-design is needed. Re-design doesn’t imply necessarily to change it all over again, sometimes it may happen that just minor...

Pompitas de Málaga with Drupal

List of modules Below you can see the list of the main modules used in combination with the Ubercart distribution provided by Drupal. Ad Administration menu Content (CCK) Content Permissions (CCK) Node reference (CCK) Chaos Tools (CTools)  Blog Contact Menu Path Ping Profiles Statistics Taxonomy Upload Date API Devel Facebook social Imagecache Nodewords (Metatags) Open graph meta tags Auto Assign...

[istartup] links of interest

Collection of links that we assessed to help us in the new store: Ubercart Point of Sale It is made with Ubercart by Drupal, thinking about the possibility of an integrated solution? I rejected the idea because I rather having two separate accounts and an non-conected cash register in the physical store. Registered Cash: Olivetti It is the most followed option for small stores, but again, for us...

[istartup] the beginning

Months ago, my couple and me started up a new business in Málaga called Pompitas de Málaga Jabonería, since for us it was the best choice to run far far away from the unemployment evil. Nowadays, the natural soap store continues its activity online, while I’m still working in my current company. For us, it is being an exciting experience taking into account the big dificulties we have to deal in...

Carmel Hassan UX & Product Designer

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I'm UX/Product Designer at Ebury. I have a chaotic side project called Cinefilica and founded the most interesting tech community in Málaga: Yes We Tech. I enjoy writing random thoughts on UX, Design, Technology and Society. Something I should know? Comment on my blog, Twitter or email me to



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