Interaction Design with Indigo Studio and GifCam

Interaction Design with Indigo Studio and GifCam.

Indigo first release was free forever, although it’s not available for download any longer. I’m one of the few who still have a Lite license and can take advantage of this powerful prototyping tool built in Silverlight.

Indigo has helped me to demonstrate design, simulate behaviour and communicate specifications with the development team and also with end users.

GifCam is just a cool resource that helps me to share microinteractions implemented with a prototyping tool.

And this ‘Hello World’ example is nothing but one of the design interactions in motion I’ve been working this morning 🙂

By Carmel Hassan Montero

Product Designer and Computer Engineering graduated from the University of Granada. I'm based in Málaga (Spain), working remotely designing at Honest. I'm also a proud founder of Yes We Tech, and support tech events that care about promoting diversity and equality among its members.