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One design to rule them all?


Today I wanted to get some clarity about a way to efficiently approach the UX design when targetting multiple mobile devices. You know, to deserve my holidays.

During my research, I’ve needed to take apart aspects like the Interaction design and get focused only on the very basic initial challenge: the app structure and navigation. I’ve also centred the research within the smartphone scope by considering only Android, iOS7 and Windows Phone 8.

These are some early ideas I’d like to investigate further:

  • The commonalities and diferences between the in-built functionalities like Search, Notifications, Multitasking, Back vs Up navigation and in-app navigation.
  • A compliance layout, app structure and navigation which naturally fits into the different platforms according to their guidelines.
  • A translation (if exists) between the different navigation patterns (flat, hierarchical, etc.) and the recommended UI controls (Tabs, Toolbars, Segmented control, etc.)

So I’ll continue digging into the guidelines and trying some design to validate (or not) the hypothesis “One” design to rule them all might be difficult but not impossible, it is, actually, needed.



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Carmel Hassan UX & Product Designer

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