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2013 – Catch up

Disclaimer: This is a personal note.

Last March, 2013 I felt the need of a professional change. Somehow I knew that it didn’t necessary mean that I had to leave my current job, although that was actually the first and most immediate plan that came to my mind.

It has been a time of self-searching, the lesson learnt is that I shouldn’t stop now because changes are being happening since that moment.

First, my partner and I decided to move forward and create our own space of creativity. Now it’s just a brand but it’s also a declaration of intentions: we as professional should have our own identity, whether it looks like a brand or it’s just our personal name and twitter account. Fortunately or not, User Experience is a discipline that co-living within an online community and we should be there.

Alongside uxsalad, I started working in the creation of a digital product called – sorry, I know there’s nothing visible yet. Encouraged by my passion for films and willingness of enjoying every sort of different movies, I’ve been researching, reading, and ideating to get a better understanding of my target users and create the version Zero of an online platform to live the movies throughout the people who love&hate the movies.

It may sound like yet another social website, but the intend is not that. I want to be the first Spanish platform that contributes to the film culture by bringing the movies back to the people, to us – ok then, it may sound like yet another movie website… fair enough, I’ll work for making a difference, that’s all I can promise now.

Finally, I have to add that, yes, I’m still working 40 hours a week for a company which is providing me other types of challenges and allows me to worry only of enjoying whatever I do both inside and outside it. And No, I’m not keen on the discussion “to start up you have to leave behind everything”. Of course, I wish I had more time, interestingly, is this few time what’s keeping me focused.

Hopefully I can share more about in the following weeks, since the first design iteration and a small proof of concept have gave me interesting outcomes.


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