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More UX-specialised department rises every day within organizations

Cada vez surgen más departamentos específicos de experiencia de usuario dentro de las empresas

Yusef Hassan at PuroMarketing

Taking advantage of that right and proper stament, I’d like to add a personal thought.

After four years, I’ve seen new UX departments rising and closing, new UX specialists being hired and fired according to business strategy and budgets. Nothing new so far for software companies which are trying to adapt the resources to the demand.

However, I still see that there are big challenges this companies have to face in short and long term, as follows:

  • Unifying processes and adapting existing User-centred design methodologies to software development processes and viceversa
  • Coordinating ux-people across the company
  • Identifying the ux performance indicators
  • Involving different roles within ux practices

In that sense, the challenge is not only to create a UX department, but a UX culture where the usability has to be a responsability of everbody.

Nevertheless, the panorama is more than optimistic, since companies relies more and more in UX roles to drive change and improving their products and services.


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