UX in Spain (II)

As the second year of the UXSP event I’d like to share with you my impressions about it. This time I won’t talk about the speakers, the conferences or the labs but about the real value of this meeting point for professionals: the people who attended.

UXSpain 2013 was again a place of reunion of professionals, there were time for chatting (coffee breaks of 45’ ease to find the “right” moment), there were also time for discovering someone new (great results of the new Lab format was introduced this year) and also time for laughing (drinks on night do their job as well).

I’ve been very pleased to know in person the most of the people that I follow on Twitter, also, I finally introduced myself to people who even didn’t know me – don’t know how pleasant was that for them but I enjoyed anyway. And of course, I met again with some of the mates that I first-time met in the last edition and missed many others who couldn’t come back.

But I have to say it: knowing people it wasn’t easy for me. Don’t know how good people’s social skills are but for me, it’s still weird interrupting speakers in the hall, stopping ‘gurus’ to say ‘hi’ and asking for “looking for me if they want”. I think this is not a problem of the event, but since it’s named a “meeting event” I believe that knowing people might be the most important appeal.

How to deal with that for next year? I do not know. I still wonder not what I am doing wrong but isn’t that way how it should be?

If I can make you/myself a suggestion: share your stuff. If I want to be known by you it’s due to the UX-stuff that I do and if I want to remember you it is for the same (unless you are the sister of… ;))

So, next year I expect to know more people and to feel odder with them, too; but what I really wish is a third edition of UXSpain to have that opportunity.

By Carmel Hassan Montero

Product Designer and Computer Engineering graduated from the University of Granada. I'm based in Málaga (Spain), working remotely designing at Honest. I'm also a proud founder of Yes We Tech, and support tech events that care about promoting diversity and equality among its members.