Lean Documentation: Personas in Twitter

What would you do if you find out that your users are following you on Twitter? Would you read them, listen to them, attend their petitions? 

I’ve asked myself hundred times why we need to create heavy amount of documents even  when we’re using Agile methodologies like Scrum or Lean UX. Documents, in the most classical way are pure literature, graphs, concept maps, sketches (maybe), and tables with data and some lines of code.

Using social networks to document, share and make content alive might be a good strategy for a long life and fast-pace changing project.

One funny example is the Cat User Story twitter profile. Of course, it is made for un, but it could be found both funny and useful for some nice projects like animalvitae.com, is your user like after an animal? 🙂

Eventually, I’m an active follower of some real people that looks like “my target users” to know more about them, so why not to create a “fake” profile to support the user requirement definition for a specific design process?

Personas as Twitter profiles

This is only an experimental practice, so here is the list of actions that I’ll try:

  • User personal data
  • User picture – likely smiling
  • Header picture – my user in a daily scene of his/her life
  • Bio – the quote to resume the main goal of the user
  • Followers – Profile where to find additional information about user’s activities
  • Tweets – (daily) User stories, acceptance criterias, and personal and professional details to know the user better.

By Carmel Hassan Montero

Product Designer and Computer Engineering graduated from the University of Granada. I'm based in Málaga (Spain), working remotely designing at Honest. I'm also a proud founder of Yes We Tech, and support tech events that care about promoting diversity and equality among its members.