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[Book] Communicating the User Experience

If I think I’m good at something in this field is communicating the UX. Whilst I admit I’m terrible creating icons, creating visual metaphors or talking with customers, I really think that as part of my leading role I got to become a good “UX messenger”.

I borrowed this book looking for a complete guide of document support and this is what I found.


The books is divided into the following chapters:

  • Personas
  • Task Models
  • User Journeys
  • Content Requirements
  • Site maps
  • Wireframes
  • Usability Test Reports
  • Funnel Diagrams

Firstly, I miss reading something about interactive prototypes or Hi-Fi designs as documents. Although they both are mainly considered deliverables, those kind of assets are also part of the message. Actually, if we follow the agile principle, they’ll suffer modifications and enhancements so initially they’re an hypothesis too about what we want o achieve.

Secondly, I’ll remove the user manual inside each section which explains how to make the specific artifact using Power Point or Omnigraffle. If you need to learn this at the moment you read this book something is wrong either in the need or in the book audience. 

As a final though, this book reminded me a lot the one called “Communicating Design” which seemed to be oriented only on web site documentation but it is better focused on explaining document assets.

Good points in it

Nevertheless, there are still some good reasons to get and read this book in my opinion.

  1. Excellent introduction and clear definitions about the main types of documentation used throughout a project lifecycle
  2. Good examples of the key components of each document
  3. Perfect for beginners, including other UX specialists which have spent more time in other areas like Visual Design, Graphic Design or UI Design and need to support their design communication skills

So my advice is don’t buy the book, just “borrow” it 😉

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