Design is not a post-it in your wall

The other day in the office, after a card-sorting session someone said that my team designed with “post-it”. This statement was almost as harmful as “programing with Word” which is, by the way, an evidence of over-documenting and bad-delivery strategy.

Nevertheless, that anonymous comment made me think how far from reality it is, and now I get some conclusions

  1. Card-sorting and any other analysis technique is used to reduce uncertainty, therefore we’re not designing but trying to understand the information which other team members cannot provide: user’s mental model.
  2. Using post-it, paper-sketches, pens, and … voice, it’s the most basical way of communication between team members, so before creating a bug-management-system maybe someone should try to let the others know which kind of information they need to make the work ready to go.
  3. Design is not a post-it in your wall, neither what happen after writting a line of code.

The saddest part of this story is that those kind of comments are made by people who doesn’t design, neither code, nor analyse, only manage time from others.

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UX Lead at Ebury and graduated as a Computer Engineer at the University of Granada. In the past, I've worked as a teacher, consultant, and developer. Designing valuable technology for people is what I enjoy the most.

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