Facebook-like EMR (Part II)

Facebook-like EMR Hi-Fi

In my previous post, I published a simple mock-up to introduce the idea of an Electronic Medical Record looking like Facebook social network.

We initially saw how taking advantage of this website could help to contribute for a better tool for doctors, nurses, and patients.

In this second part of the exercise, we can see as well the hi-fi prototype where the visual design will allow us to make new musings.

Top Bar

Notifications will lead the activity of users under specific contexts.This space would be used in a similar way, so we would expect to see there:

  • New patient admissions
  • New results
  • Prescription modifications
  • Activity of another physicians on my patient’s profile
  • Events notifications
  • Automatic clinical alerts

The search box will index patients, activities and tasks. This way, finiding a patient grouped under a particular list or jumping to the a functional module will be quick and simple.

Patient Banner

The patient banner is now taking a considerable amount of space: Is is really needed? Well, If we follow the idea of having patients accessing to their own profiles, it would be nice to have this personlizable. This way, patients would create a human connection between them and their clinical staff. I think the balance between the clarity of a customizable banner and the used space make of this a valuable area.

Thumbnail area will show the teaser of each content type (clinical domains). This way the patient banner won’t be only an area to ensure the patient identification but to highñight a meaninful set of content related with the latest activity of the patient.

What about the ‘Like’ buttton?

What would ‘Like’ mean in a clinical context? It might be pretty controversial saying ‘Like’ under a patient diagnosis. However, there are other social actions which could provide a helpful support to the care activity.

  • Notify
  • Comments
  • Share

Notifications could be triggered automatically by events or due to a professional opinion. A notification doesn’t express an emotion, but a objective idea. It’s not a bad idea having a mechanism to communicate subjective feelings but here we shouldn’t make an error by this Facebook ‘positive-thinking’.

About the prototype

The opinions, ideas and suggestions shared in this article and in the ‘Facebook-like EMR (Part I)’ one only represent me (Carmel Hassan).

This prototype has been made adapting the icons of Jigsoar. The shown data is fake and the girl in the picture is me! I know I know…

By Carmel Hassan Montero

Product Designer and Computer Engineering graduated from the University of Granada. I'm based in Málaga (Spain), working remotely designing at Honest. I'm also a proud founder of Yes We Tech, and support tech events that care about promoting diversity and equality among its members.