UX Spain – the first event about User Experience in our country – has been successfully celebrated this week with a pretty high number of attendees, almost 400.

We’ve had the opportunity to meet, know, share and discuss hot topics that concerns to our profession at every level and with a very varied kind of people.

Now that we’re back having our minds in the next #UXSP, we all seems to feel like if the Pandora box was opened. So here are some thoughts and conclusions of this rich exchange of experiences:

What’s UX?

As the 1-million dollar question with hundreds of doubtful answers, the UX exists and cover many areas, we can spent our whole career wondering which kind of UX we are, but the only interesting question is what’s the UX we do and how it helps to create big things.

Coding, Technology, Psychology, Aesthetic and what else?

Misconceptions only bring poor-quality products, services, UIs … or experiences. Attending to all these conferences has made me remind the importance of understanding and learning always something different, something new, something old and, why not, something “borrowed” of other specialisation, whatever it is.

UX is your business, your company is your business

Honestly, it is the first time I hear about “Intraprenuer” and I love it, mainly because it highlights the power of changing a company for better. We’re on track 😉

Are UX roles real? The talent is searched

Companies that expressed their failure hiring “UX people” where there, by the way, offering jobs. Some old-fashioned discussions where developers (wrongly called  technologists) and designers (probably conceived as visual designers) where both considered in this big world hiding the most difficult-to-admit true: the only thing that really matter is talent, and it’s not something that everybody can have it. Rest of us we’ll think how to be as good as possible.

Share, share, share…

It’s time to share again, to get rid of confidentiality, or shame, or fear, or mistery… it’s time to tell the truth about our failures and success. We have even a bigger responsibility since we’ve had people to admire who made this before. We have to give something to the community as we have received it in the past.

… and much more

  • User testing not needed anymore, really?
  • Missing something else rather than web pages, web sites, web architectures, and web design… the app world is coming and we cannot forget desktops.
  • Agile, is it new? Shall we say only Lean UX? The challenge of big teams working smoothly, my favorite 15-mins speech of this event powered by Ujue Agudo and Tona Monjo. The design process matters.
  • Universal design is not possible but disabled users have preferences, as any other users (Thanks to Idioa Soto and Nacho Madrid)
  • Prototyping is your communication tool – use it A.L.W.A.Y.S (Thanks to Dani Armengol)
  • The UX is made for something good (Thanks to elecciones.es and Mònica Zapata)


I personally don’t have any user-mantra to repeat again and again when I go to the office every day, but I’m in love of my work because I love create things, I love beauty and great ideas that can positively impact in other people.

That’s all, such simple such pretentious.

That’s the way I honor this profession and makes me get by to the uncertainty and disappointments that, being honest, sometimes just happens. I have seen same vision and feelings in UX Spain and I’m looking forward to repeat it again next year, so hope to meet all of you keeping the same energy.

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UX Lead at Ebury and graduated as a Computer Engineer at the University of Granada. In the past, I've worked as a teacher, consultant, and developer. Designing valuable technology for people is what I enjoy the most.

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