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Hi, I’m Carmel Hassan, I studied Computer Engineering at the University of Granada, starting as a Web Developer and specialised in UX Design for more than ten years.

I use this website to share random thoughts, works that I’ve done and ideas about technology, culture and design.

At my 35, I don’t imagine any other future without joy and meaning. I’d love to work fewer hours and get more from those. I’d love to encourage more women and girls to get into technology. I’d love to learn something new every year, spend enough time to practice it, and build cool and valuable digital products with a purpose.

Experience: 12 yearsRetirement
  • Roles: Product Designer, Teacher, UX Lead, UI/UX Designer, Web Developer, Community Founder, Speaker (is that a thing?)
  • Industries: Fintech, BigData, Healthcare IT, E-Commerce, Social Networks
  • UIs: Websites, Web Apps, Desktop Apps, Mobile
  • Bringing together: Engineering, Design, Technology and People
  • Languages: Spanish (native), English (advanced), French (ridicule), Arabic (hi, good morning, 1,2,3…10)
  • Tools: Invision, Sketch, Axure, Balsamiq Mockups, UXPin, CanvasFlip, Mixpanel, Google Analytics, MyOwnToolForTesting
  • Design skills: Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Wireframing, Planning, Usability Engineering
  • Programming skills: HTML/CSS, Javascript, Python, PHP (I only code for joy and when all real developers get sick the same day)
  • Soft skills: Teaching, Communication, Problem-solving, Creative, Analytical, Leadership
  • Personal skills: small talking about weather, movies, music, running, politics
  • Email:
  • Social networks: Twitter, LinkedIN, Facebook

Work Experience

UX Lead-Product Designer / 2017-nowadays

Ebury · Leading the design of the best fintech services through customer-facing products.

Finally, I could get closer to the user by designing a product and the service behind it. I’m practising every day how to do better qualitative research, I’m using tools like Google Analytics, Intercom, Amplitude, Inspeclet, Segment, and Data Studio in a smarter way. And of course, keep on working with Sketch, Invision, and Adobe XD to never stop training my visual skills.

UX Lead-Senior UX Specialist / 2015-2017 / 2 years

ITRS · Leading the concept design of Valo based solutions for end-users. Performing user research, competitive analysis, and measuring the user experience with and without users. Working with different teams: Marketing, Engineering, and Quality Assurance.

I felt in love with Data and discover the power of quantitative user research, the power of analysing interactions and informing design based on data. This was also an opportunity to practice with Sketch and Axure as design tools to create a new interface paradigm which allowed users to build visualisations using a sql-like language.

UX Designer / 2013-2015 / 1 year 3 months

CSC · Leading the UX Design activities from the Healthcare Technology Office. Providing guidance and mentoring product and development teams by a unified and consistent UX vision. Bringing UCD practice alignment to SDLC and Agile processes.

The challenge was to create a common culture of User-Centred Design, so I started thinking on design in a more strategic manner. I could create a reference of standards, guidelines, and UI Components for desktop and mobile apps. I worked closer to the technology team to build modular solutions for healthcare applications.

Design Lead / 2012-13 / 1 year 6 month

CSC · Leading a multidisciplinary design team with IxD, UX Developers and Visual Designers, providing the strategy, the vision, and guiding the Goal-Centred Design in coordination with Agile Development. Contributing to the UX-culture inside the organization.


A good high-level design vision pushed me toward a leadershop role. I learn’t to communicate better with my peers and develop empathy for people (including users of course 🙂 ).  I learn’t the importance of the facilitator role for both designers and developers.

UX Analyst / 2011-12 / 1 year

CSC · Making research, ideation, persona-scenario definition, and pattern description to develop design and style guidelines. Performing usability heuristic evaluations to provide a quality measure to designed solutions. Information designer, and UX consultant.

Thanks to a successful proof of concept, I could practice more research techniques, focusing on user modelling, information design, usability testing, and be more analytical.

UI Designer / 2009-11 / 1 year 3 months

iSOFT (a CSC Company) · Creating interactive prototypes and wireframes to define the interaction, the navigation, the layout, and the content. Identifying user requirements, defining interfaces specifications aligned to technology capabilities. Building user interfaces for RIA and RDA based on Silverlight (XAML).


This was my first job as a proper UI Designer of a development team. I had to handle product requirements definition, doing interface design, interaction design, technical writing, and prototyping using Blend Sketchflow. Nice XAML times…

Web Designer / 2009 / 8 months

Freelance · Information architect and user interface designer. Modelling, defining and building web interfaces for portals, social networks, e-commerce, and multi-websites. CSS themer and designer.


I learn’t more about color palettes, layout and visual composition while I created web interface using Drupal. I started practicing prototyping using Adobe Fireworks.

Web developer / 2007-09 / 1 year 8 months
GTK · Front-end web developer based on Drupal CMS. Module developer, theme creator, CSS 2.1 mark-up styling. Wireframing architecture and navigation, creating HTML prototypes and content specifications.

I was developing cool Drupal modules in PHP while I felt in love with CSS and HTML. Working surrounded by designers made me appreciate the value and power of the user interface.

Internship / 2006 / 9 months

UGR · Drupal developer and PHP programmer.


ETSIIT · Computer Science learner, interested in decision guided systems, data analytics, bio algorithms, information retrieval, UI design, and software engineering.

  • UGR · Master Degree: Computer Engineering / 2010 / PFC · LCMS Platform based on Drupal
  • UGR · Degree: Systems Computer Technical Engineering / 2005
  • J On The Beach / 2016-18 (organiser)
  • Smashing Conference – Barcelona / 2017
  • UX Spain /  2012-2017
  • Visualized – Nueva York / 2015
  • Material Fest – Cádiz / 2015
  • UX Fighters – Madrid / 2014
  • Beyond Tiles – Madrid / 2013
  • Microsoft Events – Megathon Málaga / 2013
  • Web & Mobile – Webvision Barcelona / 2012
  • Microsoft Events – reMIX Madrid / 2010
  • Drupal International – Drupal Conference Barcelona / 2007
  • Ruby on Rails Events – Rails Spanish Conference / 2006


Carmel Hassan Tecnología, Diseño y Sociedad


I'm UX/Product Designer at Ebury. I have a chaotic side project called Cinefilica and founded the most interesting tech community in Málaga: Yes We Tech. I enjoy writing random thoughts on UX, Design, Technology and Society.



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