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Building your own tools with existing software

I’m sure you’re sick to death to hear whether designers should learn to code or not. To me, coding skills have let me create my own designer toolkit by reusing and extending current software tools. Have you ever imagine how cool would be to become your own user while developing a solution? At the moment there are thousands of open-source apps available for anyone to improve them. Some of them do...

Windows 8 UX – “first impressions”

Read the original article in spanish at UXSALAD Blog One of the best things that Microsoft style guide emphasises to design Windows 8 applications is the importance to make a good “first impression” of our solution.  They suggest several ways to accomplish considering the concept and application architecture within its new visual metaphor (also known as Modern UI).   Tiles and Notifications The...

Carmel Hassan Tecnología, Diseño y Sociedad

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