Carmel Hassan Tecnología, Diseño y Sociedad

diciembre 2015


We are not problem solvers

Please, stop calling yourself a problem solver, with a bit of luck you might be able to facilitate others the understanding of what it seems to be a problem and, maybe, find one of the many ways to approach it. If you ever see a person happy or satisfied when using the result of your team development, then you’ll be close to be called a User Experience <whatever role> Carmel Hassan...

Side Projects

I think everybody should have at least one side project.   It forces you to think in the consequences of your decisions and assume the responsability of sucess or failure It keeps you focused on looking for the perfection while you have to be aware of being pragmatic. It helps to balance a good design and a good implementation Side projects are personal, so you learn the importance of being proud...

Carmel Hassan Tecnología, Diseño y Sociedad

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