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enero 2013


[Book] Communicating the User Experience

If I think I’m good at something in this field is communicating the UX. Whilst I admit I’m terrible creating icons, creating visual metaphors or talking with customers, I really think that as part of my leading role I got to become a good “UX messenger”. I borrowed this book looking for a complete guide of document support and this is what I found. Contents The books is...

Languages and frameworks can be learned, passion cannot.

Seen in a job offer in NY. Another great quote
As a lean practice, we focus on outcomes rather than artificial deliverables.

Carmel Hassan MonteroI’m UX/Product Designer at Ebury. I have a caotic side project called Cinefilica and founded the most interesting tech community in Málaga Yes We Tech.

Carmel Hassan Tecnología, Diseño y Sociedad

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