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mayo 2012


Getting Simple with a CMS

GetSimple really is the simplest content management system (CMS) ever. After seeing so many people amazed by Kirby – a licensed file-based CMS – I started looking for something at least comparable but open-source, and here is GetSimple. I’ve been atracted by its two first principles and its admin front-end: XML Based We don’t use mySQL to store our information, but instead depend the...

UX in Spain

UX Spain – the first event about User Experience in our country – has been successfully celebrated this week with a pretty high number of attendees, almost 400. We’ve had the opportunity to meet, know, share and discuss hot topics that concerns to our profession at every level and with a very varied kind of people. Now that we’re back having our minds in the next #UXSP, we all seems...

Carmel Hassan Tecnología, Diseño y Sociedad

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